Why Natural and Environmentally Friendly Resources Are Great For Pool Construction

There are many types of pools: Concrete, vinyl lined, fiberglass, inground and aboveground.

But not all pools are always the most environmentally friendly or most beneficial for your health. We have teamed up with pool builders Fresno ca to bring you some eco-friendly pools which they construct in California often.

Even though on a roasting summer’s day the last thing which may come to mind is should my home swimming pool be environmentally friendly, it is still important to understand all that follows:


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Most pool owners use chlorine to ensure sanitary conditions for swimmers, but excessive exposure is anything but safe. According to the EPA, chlorine irritates the skin, eyes and respiratory system and can cause allergies and asthma. Also draining a chlorinated pool at the end of the season is toxic to local waterways, putting plants and animals at risk.


The greener, cleaner and safer alternatives

Salt Water Pools

Salt water pools are an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional chlorine swimming pool which is most common. The ocean’s natural water/saline composition keeps everything good and well without involving artificial chemicals in the process. In the last few months, salt water pools has become a growing trend for inground and aboveground pools as well.

In the Wall Street Journal article, the author describes switching a full-chlorine pool to saline. “Saline pools use a chlorine generator cell and a few bags of table salt to produce electrolysis, turning the salt into chlorine or hypochlorous acid, which vaporizes algae and bacteria… An algae-free, mildly saline oasis is painless to maintain. You must clean the chlorine cell once a year to keep calcium buildup at bay, but otherwise simply sprinkle $10 dollars worth of salt in the water once a month and you’re done.”

You will not only feel more buoyant in the water, but your skin will feel silky instead of shriveled when you emerge – your complexion and will also be vibrant.



Ozone Pools

If you’ve already got a pool you love, but are looking for a more natural way to keep it clean, an ozone sterilization system might be the perfect upgrade. Based on the fact that sunlight is one of the world’s most powerful disinfectants, ozone pool systems convert oxygen into bacteria-busting ozone using electricity. Some can reduce the need for chemicals by over 80 percent, while others can eliminate them altogether.


Moss-Filtered Pools

Moss in a swimming pool might seem out of place and gross, but surprisingly it can actually be a very advantageous thing. There is a Minnesota-based company which utilizes sphagnum moss to keep swimming pools clean while using fewer chemicals and reducing water consumption.

A natural product of New Zealand bogs, it’s capable of filtering bacteria from pool water and can be composted when it’s time to be replaced (about every 30 days). It’s such a successful system, the city of St. Paul uses it in public pools, and the University of Maryland uses it to filter two on-campus indoor pools.


Natural Swimming Pools

Long a favorite in Europe, and now gradually becoming more common in the United States, natural swimming pools have sloping sides and lots of plants, just like a pond or lake.

Incorporating plants eliminates the need for chlorine and expensive filters and pumps, keeps the water clear and provides a soothing atmosphere. Overall, you have a more affordable, maintenance-free pool that’s much closer to what nature intended.


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